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Combined with Superior Performance

The greenist building is a building already built...

Thank you for visiting Urban Earth Glass Company.  At Urban Earth we work hard to become the foremost experts in everything we do.  Old or new, large or small, historic or modern - We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Attributes that set us apart from others

First, is the ability to problem solve and develop efficient and cost effective solutions.  As artists, as craftsmen and as builders Urban Earth has an excellent understanding of material properties, building envelopes and building structures.  There are never absolute limits on ideas and visions. 

Second, is the comprehensive industry experience we bring.  Years of industry experience working with home owners, general contractors, architects and property managers gives Urban Earth the skill and knowledge to serve each client best and bring the best value for each project. 

Historic Restoration in Milwaukee and Madison

Urban Earth works with all things glass.  Glass is one of the worlds most beautiful and unique materials and is a part of peoples lives everywhere - however our work does not stop with only glass.  Millwork, hardware, interior & exterior finishes, coatings, structures, insulation, metals, sash & frames, masonry - all of these can be part of the opening or application and Urban Earth has the expertise to build, restore and repair each component of the opening or decoration.


Serving Madison, Milwaukee and surrounding areas